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This time I have some games for you all.  Lately I’ve been playing flash games at Kongregate.  It’s been around awhile I know, but it seems a nice place to find some good flash games.  I don’t have an account yet (and the community’s over population with tween-aged chat-addicts is what stops me from getting one), but I could see the benefits to one – It’s like having XBL with Achievements for Flash games.  it’s pretty neat.

Anyway, here’s my favorites so far:

  • Don’t look back: And engrossing low-tech platformer with an interesting twist or two and good music.  The ending will either make you scratch your head or scream WTF.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  • Crush the Castle: Simple but addictive fun.  You control a trebuche and you need to kill all the rebel lords, ladies, and knights by knocking their own castles down on top of them.  This one you can beat in a long sitting, but it’s still lots of fun.
  • Gemcraft:  Another tower defense game but this one works quite differently.  It’s another path-based one instead of mazing (which is a bummer) but it’s unique mechanic makes up for it IMO.  In this game you build towers, but you also put magic gems in the towers to make them go.  The color of the gem determines how much damage it does and what kind of effect it has.  To improve the tower, you must fuse gems together to get more powerful gems. Also the game uses mana to fuel not just gem creation and building towers, but also to banish monsters that make it to the end of the path.  So instead of only being able to allow 20 monsters, so long as you have enough mana to banish a monster it get sent back to the start, and different monsters cost different mana to banish.  Tons of stages and level up options make it something to come back to IMO.

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