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Xeno Tactic 2

Those of you who have been around since the Free Games Challenge, I found out that they made a sequel to Xeno Tactic.  Xeno Tactic 2 is different from the first one – it doesn’t have the free mazing feel of the original and is more you have to build your defenses around a preset path.  There are different turrets to try and try (though they still call the land-based missile launcher a S.A.M which… is dumb… I might still write the creator about that).

Anywho, if you’re bored and want to try it go ahead. I can’t get past level 2… almost… but not quite yet…

One Response to “Xeno Tactic 2”

  1. avatar Nayth0r Says:

    Wow. I REALLY prefer the first one.

    I realize that there’s a learning curve and all, and I have played enough Tower D to be used to no mazing, but I don’t like it. I LIKE mazing. And the fact that air units aren’t attacked by nearly all the turrets, as well as the fact they Fly Shortways?!? What the fuck is that? I thought I was all set for the first wave of air, and then it didn’t even fly in range because it was going down instead of across.

    Oh well. Makes me want to play real Tower D again though.

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