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Written by Adam Robert Clegg   

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Another project completed as an employee of Michigan State University's University Relations .  This project was a large scale college level redesign, complete with implementation of multimedia assets in the form of music and video. My part in the project was to implement the sites' complicated design, ensure that the site met the university's web accessibility policies,  and ensuring the site design worked in the supported browsers.  I also coded the music player you see on the homepage more or less from scratch in Flash CS4 (using Actionscript 3). 

There are some parts of this project I am more proud of than others.  I am proud of the fact the darn thing works given the inherent usability issues with the client chosen design.  I am proud of the various multimedia assets actually doing what they are supposed to, from the Javascript fading banner on the front, the music player, and the video player another UR developer strung together for me at the end.

That said there is a lot of this project I'm not proud of.  As mentioned this design, while very pretty, has many parts of it that are difficult to work with. It has it's own problems that our client will have to deal with moving forward as they try to expand the the site.  There are contrast issues with the transparency on the homepage that I could not convince the client and others on my team were important enough to address, and there are some other parts in the code that had to be Frankenstein-ed together in order to work.  The navigation items, being images, are also an hour or more of mine and the designer's time to update.

That said, this project demonstrates my ability to work with a team, and to make the most out of what is given.  At the end of the day the result is still an elegant looking site, rich with features, that serves our client's purposes for the most part, and that's what matters.

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