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Written by Kitty   
Friday, 15 July 2005
(So do Bills, but who's counting?)
I came home from up North today (Huzzah, Huzzah) and was met with a really big stack of mail. But this wasn't just any stack of mail, it was one of the rare, elusive, Stacks of Mail Inwhich Everything is Usefull (tm)

The first letter I opened was from the Michigan State University Police department. It seems that I have been selected for the job as their littlest Security bouncer. That's right, little 5'2", 14-years-old-looking, me will be doing special event security. For a start of $8.50 an hour we are required to work all of the home football games, and them from there, pick and choose our work schedual on an event to event basis. I also get to move in early to have 2 days of paid training. All in all, it seems like a sweet gig. Plus, I just so happen to have season tickets to the football games already. So any ones that arn't taken by family, will be available. (I might scalp a few for quick cash. ^^)

However the good news doesn't end there. I got my AP scores back today. They broke down like this:
  • English Language/Composition - 4
  • English Literature/Composition - 4
  • Government and Politics US - 4
  • Government and Politics Comparative - 3
  • Calculus - 2
At first I thought that I did well, but not well enough. I gave myself a pat on the back in a meloncholy sort of way. I went to see if State recieved my scores already and made a terrific discovery. According to Michigan State, I AM A SOPHMORE!!! That's correct, I somehow achieved my goal and 3 years and 7 AP tests later, I achieved Sophmore standing! It was like getting a warp whistle (you know, from Mario 3) and managing to bypass Freshmandom. I'll still have to come up with a math class somehwere, but we'll worry about that later.

Other other envelopes contained a nice card with $5 in it from MissInfromation himself (the band director, see the ramble "Player One: Defeated" for an explaination), my new replacement Driver's License, and in the most delicious taste of irony, a letter from SC4 (the local community college that I have never once tried to contact) telling me that they noticed that I wadn't applied yet and cheerily informed me that there was still time to get in for the fall. *chuckles*

Ah well, the moral of the story I suppose is SMIEU(tm) are awesome and bring luck to those who manage to find them.

'Till next time, this is Kitty reminding you to go check out the forums and start having fun... NOW!
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