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Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Wednesday, 06 June 2007
Long before I played D&D, Diablo, or any other computer RPG - heck before I knew what an RPG was - I played a game on the old IBM called rogue.  The game ran entirely from a 5 and a quarter inch floppy on good old Dos.  It wasn't a text based adventure like Zork, but rather a single player dungeon crawler with random dungeons not unlike the kind you see now in Diablo-style-games. The graphics are simple, but the game is really a lot of fun. You play entirely with the keyboard and while the controls may feel a little clunky at first, once you get into it the game really rewards you.

So imagine my glee when I found out Hexatron has posted a Java-based version of the original Rogue!!

We'll be playing Rogue until Friday June 22nd, if for no other reason then because I really like it. I also think that will give people enough time to get used to the game so they can post competative scores. If you want more instructions for playing the game keep reading.  If you have never played rogue before I highly recommend clicking the Read More link.

Note - we're playing the old rogue on that site, not JavaRogue or HexRogue

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Basic Controls

*note!* Due to the oldness of rogue, there are a lot of commands that must be bound to keys rather than a GUI.  As such it is important to note that there is a difference between the lower case and upper case commands.  For example, "." is "rest a turn" while ">" is "go down some stairs."  Big difference so take this in mind.  Also, most of the time when the instructions say "^___" they mean "ctrl+___." 

Use Arrow Keys to move.  Press "?" (as in hold down shift and press / ) and then press "*" for a command list.  I more or less re-trained myself how to play the game using this help function so it's quite good.

The goal of the game is to search the dunegon for the Amulet of Yendor and then to return to level one, getting as much gold as you can, or die trying.  '%' symbols indicate stairs down to the next floor, which you can use '>' to climb down.

As D&D rogues (thieves if you're old school), you will need to keep an eye out for secret doors and traps.  The 's' key is used to search the area around you, pressing s + direction seems to help with this too.  If you hit a dead end, or something seems off, feel free to search.

To fight monsters, press your arrowkey in the direction of the monster you want to fight.  The monster will fight you any time it is next to you. You will need to keep pressing the key to keep swinging until the monster or you dies.  Remember to watch your HP!

To use an item you must push the correct key to use the item (you can use the afore mentioned '?' key for an in-game info) and then select which item to use.  each item in your inventory is designated to a letter.  While you could use 'i' to view this list, you can also hit space when prompted "which ___ to use" to view a list.  So for example, when you hit 'r' to read a scroll, you'll be asked "which scroll."  You can then push space to view a list of readable scrolls like " l) scroll of identify."  You can then hit 'l' to read said scroll.

During the game you will find many items - most of which will be unidentified.  You can still use mystery items such as these. In the case of potions (which you drink with q - for quaff) or scrolls (which you read with 'r'), you will have identified what the item does after you do it.  However, what each item does changes randomly each time you play so don't assume a red potion will always do the same thing!!  You can also wait until you get a scroll of identify to figure out what things do.

At any time you can push 'i' to view your inventory. 

Change your weapons with 'w.'  You can change your armor with 'W' though you will need to take it off first with 'T'

If your character gets hungry you'll need to eat with 'e'.  Starvation is a way to die in this game (as I can recall anyway)

Using Ranged Weapons

You may encounter some foes you don't want to fight up close.  You have three ranged options - throwing weapons, bow & arrow, and wands.

When using a ranged weapon, you'll need to hit the designated key and then select a direction by pressing that direction on the arrow keys.  The attack will then fly in a straight line and try and hit the first enemy it encounters.

To throw an item (used for throwing daggers and the like), press 't', then select direction.  Then select what you want to throw (remember you can use 'space' to show a list). 

To use a bow & arrow, you must equip the bow with 'w'.  Once you are wielding the bow, you can use the 't' command to "throw" arrows with quite high effectiveness.  Just hit 't', then direction, then select which arrow to fire.

To use wands, you hit 'z' (for zap!) and set direction.  Then select which direction you want to zap.  Wands have different random effects - some do nothing, others will change the monsters they hit while others will do damage.  Feel free to expiriment!
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