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Nova Garden - 1024 x 768 (Starcraft: Ghost by Bliz
479x hits
Garden of Nova - 800x600 (Starcraft: Ghost by Bliz
= 486, 724x hits
Old School (1024x768 - Megaman by Capcom)
469x hits



Old School (800x600 - Megaman by Capcom)
= 2, 465x hits
Tifa + Aya Wallpaper(1280x1024)
= 1, 762x hits
R&R special edition wallpaper
= 2, 462x hits



Blue shadows wallpaper 1024x768
420x hits
Blue shadows wallpaper 800x600
434x hits
Aya is Cute! (Parasite Eve)
= 1, 447x hits

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