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Re:Poll update: Are you sick of RPGs? - 2007/07/02 12:44 It totally depends.

I almost wanted to leave that as my answer, but if you know me, that wouldn't just do. Am I tired of them? In the conventional sense, you bet I am. I'm looking forward to expanding my gaming abilities into a newer unique experience. If they made an RPG (not zelda) for the WII, I would be all over that, especially if it were a first person simulation of the RPG. What I almost think we need is a game that will immerse us so deeply that we still get the social construct of it from persona to persona and person to person, but also to be able to completely interact with the world.

Case in point. I wish Oblivion was on the Wii and it included multiTES4. Now for those of you who are not familiar with Oblivion, it's a fully interactive RPG game based on the fact that whatever you do, people will respond to you as the such, if you are always a neferious and evil player, then the civilians will refer to you as someone they don't want nor trust, on the other hand if you're a hero, then they'll always trust you. Where the skills are based off of what ever it is you do, for example if you're casting, or fighting with a hammer in heavy armor, those skills will go up.

What I'm looking for is for that experience to be simulated where you can actually do what it is you're doing. Keeping in point that it needs to be realistic that you can enjoy what it is you're doing, but not become totally attached ie, Manhunt syndrom, hey look it's ok for me to put this hatchet in the back of this person's head. Since we all need a break from our day to day lives, it's nice to be able to use more of your senses to help immerse yourself into the setting, feel something clanking on your arm as you train while slicing at a tree with an axe,

On the otherside, I do prefer the action type format of most current RPGs, but as Vergil and i have discussed many a times I utterly hate the doing this montonous task to do that montonous task, only to come back and see that nothing has changed. As in with traditional MMORPGs if you complete a task, within just a few moments that same area will be crawling again with that same task making it feel as if your accomplishment were nothing more than a meaningless effort.

If you're in a Role Playing setting, com'on if you accomplish a goal, the goal remains finished. Now before you naysayers say well they do that so everyone can do it....yes, I know, but it's a pet peeve of mine. What I want is something dynamic, something that will change over time, even if it means having a plot line that allows for the quests to 'change' ever so slightly like if someone defeats King Zorble of the Deldrimore Forest, Other people need to finish that quest get put on a different chain in a different area killing off a similar objective, but ties into it plot wise so that nothing is really the same again. So I guess dynamic yet similar so that it feels like my char is really a hero. Also pointless grinding. Thing Number 2 I hate.

I almost wish that the Fable system and Oblivion system merged. That would make me happier.

So all in all am I tired of RPGs, yes, because it's the same thing over and over again. It removes the ability of freedom to actually play in a role that you the player wants to play. If I want to be a villian, let me be it, don't force me to be a hero. Give me something new, something inventive, something original. That's what I want.
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