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Re:The sign reads: "Supremely Commanding" - 2007/03/31 23:59 United Earth Federation (UEF) Campaign Complete.

Those who disliked Total Annihilation for it's lack of storyline or setting will not be disappointed by Supreme Commander. Much like with Starcraft where each army has a distinct sound and feel, Supreme Commander's factions also are unique in this aesthetic regard. So far though, the faction that has surprised me the most is the UEF.

The Aeon Illuminate follow an extinct alien race's faith (called "The Way") and use technology based off those alien's technology. As such, you expect alien looking units with high pitched and enigmatic weapon systems. Not content to just have a bomb, they must have bombs that cause time altering shock waves to the units they affect etc.

The Cybran Nation, being made up of half-man-half-machines, have all the robotic feel to them they deserve. And given that fact you also expect a lot of lasers, which you will get from the Cybrians in great quantity.

The UEF is your "In case you don't like aliens or robots, here are some straight up humans," faction. They look like a modern military thrown 1000 years into the future and as being a democratic successor to the Earth Empire, you expect the UEF to share American values of peace and fighting wars against your foe only until they are no longer a threat, as opposed to ultimate destruction.

This could not be farther from the truth. The truth is that the UEF seek to continue the way of life of the Earth Empire, that views the Aeon Illuminate as brainwashed fools and the Cybrians and rebellious traitors. In the eyes of the UEF the only solution, the only way to preserve the way of life of the people of Earth, is to wipe the other two factions from the face of the galaxy. That's not to say there aren't hard liners in the Aeon or the Cybran who feel the same way, but the UEF embrace this philosophy whole heartedly. Only once their foes are so battered and beaten that they have have no choice but to accept unconditional surrender (which in the case of the Cybrans means accepting slavery) have they won.

As for their war machine I have one word to describe it: Loud. Units don't make muted high-tech "swooshes" or "vrroms" when they move. Tanks have loud booming engines, mechs make boisterous slams as they walk, aircraft scream through the air on jet engines. Nearly every UEF weapon is a loud cannon, a noisy "dakka dakka dakka", or a deafening bomb.

So, if you are ever thinking about playing Sup Comm and are into a faction that is all about the total destruction of their foes while making a huge "shock and awe" while doing it, the UEF are really your ticket.

Only the Cybrans remain. I hear C&C3 came out and is getting rave reviews. I do still plan on picking it up, but I am pleased enough with Supreme Commander that want to wait until the cash flow picks up to get C&C 3.

[Edited for grammar and spelling. Apparently it's "Cybran" not "Cybrian"]

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