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40k Hypotehtical fun one - 2007/02/01 15:52 If you had a suit of space marine armor and enough bolt gun rounds to do whatever you wanted with it, what would be the first thing you'd do? I'm thinkin' a plain old suit of space marine armor, no obscene bells and whistles, though it can be a suit of chaos armor if you want.

I'm not sure myself, I'm gonna have to think about it.
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Re:40k Hypotehtical fun one - 2007/02/06 15:48 Since apparently my first post didn't post,

A suit of power armour.
Damn, there's the part of me that screams, "WORLD EATER! BLOOD! KILL!"
Then there's the part of me that says "I could basically go mercenary action, and a suit of Mk8 would rock hardcore for that."

The moral of the story is this; if you give me the tools to be a destroyer, well, that's like giving an emo kid a razor. Something bad/entertaining will happen, it's just that whether it's entertaining or bad depends on your perspective.

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Frog King makes everything better. Not that you would know.
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