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Something we ought to see - 2006/01/31 17:17 This thread discusses the Content article: Something we ought to see

But then again, it's not just the cost of the game disc -- it's also the cost of the system itself. And yeah, a lack of titles will keep people from spending that kind of money, until it becomes a good investment. The WiFi is nice, but just doesn't make it mean that much to me, especially yearning for money like I am.
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Re:Something we ought to see - 2006/01/31 17:30 After years of link cables and cartrige conundrums, this new WiFi technology is like a breath of fresh air. When it comes to money, not having to pay for extra peripherials and such just to play with a friend was a shocking and pleasent surprize.
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Re:Something we ought to see - 2006/01/31 18:27 In regards to the price, considering that a Nintendo DS is only $149.99, it's a comperable cost one might spend on computer upgrades to get their PC ready to play the game. (Except of course Guild Wars, which is hardcore and you know, runs on almost anything).Besides, even if the DS don't have a broad list of online titles to play right now, there are still a bunch of WiFi fun titles that aren't online enabled (Like Advance Wars) that look like a ton of fun to encourage it's purpose this time around.

Yes st00f, in regards to you personally, it is not a reason to buy a DS. But I wrote the post speaking for the DS market in general. Sure we got WiFi right now, but until we get some addicitive, long term play value game like this and/or an FPS or some other widely successful online model, it only feels like a novelty. Get a rockin' RPG to go with Metroid Prime: Hunters, and I think you'll have a bigger reason for more people to buy a DS.
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