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Free Games Chalenge Rules - 2005/09/13 11:02 Free Gamez Challenge!
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The Free Gamez Challenge is a contest of free online gaming skill. Any registered user of the site may participate. Site registration is currently free so really, anyone can particpate.

How it works is this: Every two weeks I will select a Free Game available on the Internet. More often than not these games will be flash games, but I plan to open the challenge to the occasional free download game and/or maybe games that can run entirely in your browser window.

Once the game is selected, Iíll play a few rounds of it and get a high score of some kind. Then I will upload the screenshot of the high score to the appropriate approprate forum topic here at I will then create a ramble indicating the game, where it is located on the web, as well as setting an ending date for the challenge.

It is then up to you, the users, to go out and play the game. When you get a score you like, take a screenshot of it and post it to the approprate forum topic. If you want more information on submitting screenshots, please check out the topic on screenshots in this forum. Please note that screenshots may not ever exceed 600px in width and should never be edited outside of cutting them down to 600px wide.

The goal of this event is twofold: Try and beat my high score and try and score the highest among the other visitors. Do not grow confident in your first submitted score however, as myself and others can continue to submit any higher scores we get until the challenge date ends. Only posts made before challenge ended count.

Within 7 days of the challenge ending I will announce the winners. The awards up for grabs are:

  • The Golden Hexagon: Given to the highest user score.

  • The Silver Hexagon: Given to the 2nd highest user score.

  • The Bronze Hexagon: Given to the 3rd highest user score.

  • The Azure Hexagon: Given to anyone who beats my highest score.

  • The Emerald Hexagon: Awarded to me in the even that no one can beat my score (I imagine these will he handed out rarely).

The awards will be presented to you via in a forum post in the topic the game was challenged from. The award will come in the form of a custom image that indicates your award and the game it was in. You will then be able to display it on your own website or message board signatures or whatever. If everything goes according to plan, there will be a new challenge the following Monday.

The following are the rules to particpation in the Free Gamez Challenges

1. As this idea is an experiment, reserves the right to terminate the Free Gamez Challenge at any time without warning.
2. As this idea is an experiment, reserves the right to change the rules to the Free Gamez Challenge with each new challenge. The rules for each challenge will remain consistent unless something extremely dramatic happens.
3. Screenshots should be submitted in .jpg formats ONLY. The software currently uses doesnít like .gifs for some reason and .bmps are too big.
4. Send only your highest scores. For example, if you submit a score, only submit another score if it is higher than your last one.
5. Submit each score only once. If your score doesn't appear to be working, contact myself or Kitty and see if we can get it to work.
6. You may only submit high scores to that challenge's designated forum topic. Submitting to any other forum topic will invalidate that score post.
7. Scores will only be accepted if you provide a screenshot. Text or other forms of transmission will be ignored.
8. Screenshots should consist of enough information to verfiy their authenticity. Take your screenshots based off the example I will make with my score when a challenge begins. No matter what though, remember that screenshots must be unaltered other than making them 600px or less in width.
9. If there is a game you'd like to see played, there will be a designated forum topic for that. Please use it.
10. Violations of rules 3 through 8 can result in disqualification from that challenge. Repeated violations can result in being disqualified from all future Free Gamez Challenges. I know this sounds harsh but try to remember that Iím providing you a free way to compete with potentially a lot of people. Letís not make this any harder on me okay?
12. Be aware that the Free Gamez Challenge will ask you to play games that are on other websites. We,, are not at all responsible for the content on those sites. This means two important things:
  1. We do not own the rights to the game and therefore take no credit for its creation. Please be sure to give credit to the game creators when credit is due.

  2. Secondly, if we play a game thatís at say or and you happen to see some disturbing flash videos while you are there, it is not our problem. We will provide you with an exact link to the game for such sites so you should not be required to go through their content. You do so at your own risk.

13. The games we will play at Free Gamez Challenge will be free because they are provided that way by the gameís creator. A ROM or Emulator of a discontinued video game system or any game made free thanks to illegal software, would not be a Free game in this case as none of the original companies have ever condoned the use of such downloads.
14. If you have your own web space and want to host your screenshot yourself instead of relying on forum upload you may. The screenshot must still be submitted to the site via a forum post however.
15. You are to conduct your participation in the Free Gamez Challenge in a manner that promotes having fun. Doing otherwise may be subject to reprimand or disqualification. This rule is intentionally vague.
16. Participation in the Free Gamez Challenge is open to all. However, in an effort to avoid board spamming, you must be a registered user to post to the forums. Registering is free and all you have to give me is an e-mail address. It can even be your junk e-mail address if you want, I don't care.

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