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Good News Comes in White Envelopes - 2005/07/15 13:49 This thread discusses the Content article: Good News Comes in White Envelopes

Many congradulations Kitty! It is very exciting that you both get to come in as a Sophmore and that you get to move in early. Take advantage of moving in early for the love of god... putting in your loft before everyone moves in just rocks.

That is if you have a loft.

As for the job, I wonder if the DPPS know what they signed up for. The way I see it, you'll either get bowled over by some 8 foot tall drunk guy or we'll lose a statium because you "Sith-ed" it.

Nah, just teasing. I'm sure you'll do well if you put your heart and mind to it, just like with most things.

As for SC4, I wouldn't count them out yet. Find out what math you have to take and for the love of Sega take those math classes there instead of at MSU. There are some okay math teacheres here but I only had two and I had them both my freshman year. After that it was all downhill. I've heard worse tales from others. Trust me, taking math in smaller classes at a smaller school if you can get the credits to transfer, is worth it. Heck it will even cost you less!

Well that's enough for now.
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Re:Good News Comes in White Envelopes - 2005/07/15 17:37 Actually i am more than likely going to be taking a math course at SC$. I'm cheap... oh so cheap. Plus if they offer the comic publishing class this spring again, I'm goig to do that too. I just thought that the letter was rather cute in a pitiful of sort of way... the way it was worded.

As for the Stadium... only time will tell as to how long it takes before it becomes a smoking crater...

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Re:Good News Comes in White Envelopes - 2005/07/17 02:52 So I spent the evening going over my credits. For some reason Stuinfo was saying I had 30. But my count, using the AP equivalencies chart as a guide, I thought that I should only have 26 credits. After going over it all again, I made a discovery, they gave me credit for IAH 201 simply because I took both AP History and the AP English tests! So it was like getting 4 bonus credits!

It all makes sence to me now!!! I'm pretty jazzed. 30 credits going in... that means by the time my first year is done, I'll be sitting on 60. ^^

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Re:Good News Comes in White Envelopes - 2005/08/17 13:46 Wow. I need to keep better track of what's going on with the incoming peeps. ^_^ Nice work. I managed to come in with 17 credits, so it was just one semester and BAM! sophmore status. Part of the reason I'm graduating on time (though I haven't changed my major or added minors or anything, so really, what would delay it?).
And beware about the DPPS -- they may seem like they don't want too much, but working on game days can be awful (think 12 hours at least) and during basketball season you will have to deal with that whole mess. Of course, you could just do security at hockey's not like you'll have a lot of people to deal with then.
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