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Delaying the Inevitable and LFPlace to Live PST - 2007/07/13 00:32 This thread discusses the Content article: Delaying the Inevitable and LFPlace to Live PST

Well, being that I'm leaving the area soon, there's not much I can do to help, but here's a little push:

That lists all the properties that DTN (the people who handle Berrytree Apts) handles, the amenities of them, the prices, locations.......just about everything except availability, but they give you phone numbers, so you can always call to find out if they have anything. And I think DTN does offer 6, 9, or 12 month leases, but I wouldn't hold me to that -- you can always ask when you call.

Happy apartment hunting. I know how crappy it can be (especially when you keep getting calls from a lady who still insists this apartment is open, even though 2 months ago when you looked at it, she told you you needed to sign the lease fast or the apartment would be gone......but I digress), but hang in there. I'm sure you'll find something. ^_^
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Re:Delaying the Inevitable and LFPlace to Live PST - 2007/08/05 16:48 At Long Last I have a place to live!

I'll be moving into Apartment zero at 131 Whitehills. It's basically an apartment right next to the EL Post Office on Abbot road. Google Maps Link It's closer, it comes with some furniture (I'll have to buy a bed still though) and I'll be paying less in rent than I do at my current place. I get to move in on Friday so if I might be offline on Friday and Saturday while I wait for internet to get hooked up.

Thank god that confusion is over...
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