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Done with the Tau - 2007/03/14 14:13 So, I've played enough games with the new codex now that I feel the Tau Empire are now versitle enough to beat most armies in the game. The Vespid are a lot better than they look when used right, many units that were good before became great, and the new markerlight system is just oustanding. For 30 points I can give a squad of firewarriors a Marker Drone which comes with a networked marklight, so it can fire each turn before they do and, if it hits, I get a free marklight token for that squad. A big kroot unit also makes for a great "scarab swarm" unit, being able to hold deadly close combat units in cc for more than enough turns to move my forces out of harm's way.

Having said that, I'm done playing them.

There is a two fold reason for this. The obvious one is money. I've already dumped $200 on the army and it'll be another $160 before it is CLOSE to where it needs to be to achieve that level of versatility I want it to be. This will mean I'll have to keep putting up with fragile models like Crisis/Broadside suits and Kroot as well, which is a huge pain.

The second, much much more important reason is this: They aren't fun.

To explain, I love the Greater Good and what the Tau stand for. It really makes them unique in a galaxy of xenophobic, self righteous or downright ravenous peoples. That said, the army is not built with fun at it's core. If played right, a Tau army decimates its foe with such a perfect fusillade of firepower, that their foe feels helpless against them and has no fun playing the game. Like wise, the Tau themselves are so helpless to extremely fast close combat armies and bad rolling that if they fail, they fail utterly. This isn't like many other armies that can make a late game hail mary and still "take as many fuckers with you as I can." No usually once you break the lines, it's over, and then it becomes 3 turns of watching your perfectly laid plans die because of you rolling 4 1 or 2's on turn 3. So when you lose with the Tau, you didn't have fun either.

So if the army is no fun to play, and when it is my enemies aren't having fun, then why the hell am I playing it?

Finally, even if I got the Tau to where I want them to be, they would not be as much fun to play as my Blood Angels. Nothing I've tried so far in 40k trumps my vampire-space-knights in fun factor for me, and my foes seem less annoyed when I win games with them than when I win with the Tau. At least they can look at my blood angels and say "Oh, I see what you did thar. I'll just take more anti-vehicle since you're all Baal Predator happy now" and if I don't change my list next time we play, I'll lose. And I enjoy the fact that I can choose when I write the list if I want to win more with chainswords or with assault cannons or a mix of both (mix of both ftw, imo).

I'm gonna keep the Tau around for random games and training purposes, as well as standins if they're every needed, but I'm done buying models for them. If I ever end up with a good deal on some vespid or more crisis suits or another squad of fire warriors I'll probably take it and paint them for old times sake, but I'm not gonna go guns out about buying them.

I DO want to keep painting though, but I'll get into that on another topic.
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