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A new kind of guitar game - 2008/02/23 09:44 While browsing The Escapist this morning, I found this article on Guitar Rising. It looks like it's more useful than Guitar Hero for actually learning how to play (not that GH was really about that), and I can imagine the response that it's going to receive when released is going to be enormous. Hopefully they do multiple platforms, though if they don't, I'm sure it'll end up on a 360.
As a music person, I am sad (though can understand completely) that they went with tablature. Would be nice to have actual music to read, though that would be extra difficult because so many people out there can't read music.
And this is all a moot point in the end for me, since I own a bass guitar. However, wouldn't it be neat if they made it multiplayer with the option to hook up either a lead/rhythm or a lead/bass setup? Learn to play with a friend!
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Re:A new kind of guitar game - 2008/02/24 12:59 This is an interesting find. I can see it having real good potential, but I could also see the entry fee of (1)Real Guitar stopping people from buying it since last I checked, Real Guitars run more than the cost of Guitar Hero 3 + Guitar thingy combined.

A game like this would certainly put Yatzee's fears of games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band killing the modern rock star though.
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