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Favorite WoW Skill - 2007/07/30 16:39 Pretty straightforward. There are a ton of skills in WoW, but what I wanna know is if there are any that you think or feel make or break the game for you? What skill is like sick awesome broken to the point that it makes you melt even more faces, or makes you wanna cry "gg blizz" and log out? This is more a gut reaction kinda thing than a technical question, so feel free to say one even if you don't have a good reason for it.

And don't be afraid to pick a Talent-gained skill while you're at it!

My first pick: Lightwell.

Creates a holy Lightwell. Friendly targets can click the Lightwell to restore 2361 health over 6 sec. Any damage taken will cancel the effect. Lightwell lasts for 3 min or 5 charges.

This has got to be the most under appreciated Priest skill in the whole game. I hear from raiders all the time about how this skill isn't worth the talent points, but I can think of all times when its saved my bacon in my small groups with Kitty. It's even proved helpful in one pvp situation or two.

That's not to say I use it all the time, but really, in most pve encounters if everyone is doing their job right, only a few people should be getting hit. Everyone else should be able to stay out of harms way enough that a lightwell heal can get them back to where they need. Saving the priest's mana for healing the ONLY tank really increases the overall survivability of any party.
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Re:Favorite WoW Skill - 2007/07/30 17:15 Seed of Corruption

Imbeds a demon seed in the enemy target, causing 1044 Shadow damage over 18 sec. When the target takes 1044 total damage or dies, the seed will inflict 1110 to 1290 Shadow damage to all other enemies within 15 yards of the target. Only one Corruption spell per Warlock can be active on any one target.

I love this spell on my warlock. Love it. I'd have this spell's babies if it wasn't already about growing little demons. And then blowing them up.

Anyway! While finding an efficient place to use this ability under normal situations can be hard, it is great for AoEing down groups of non-elites in dungeons. Three Seeds usually does the trick; just cast, tab, cast, tab, cast, tab, and watch the numbers explode. And if you happen to have an AoE tanking pally, oh the joy! Suddenly every pull becomes the ideal place to cast Seeds.

And in PvP, oh the joy. The downfall of other AoEs is that the enemy usually clusters just out of range, or the front line falls back to the safety of their healers when they get hurt too bad. But with Seed, they take the AoE TO THE HEALERS! And plus if you can get 4 or 5 of these things off before getting killed yourself, oh the numbers.

Oh yeah, and when it explodes, it can crit. XD
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Re:Favorite WoW Skill - 2007/07/31 00:14 Well I can think of one immediately at the moment.


Threat caused by your next 3 attacks is redirected to the target raid (or party) member. Caster and target can only be affected by one Misdirection spell at a time. Effect lasts 30 sec.

This makes my job as well as the tanks job so much easier. Stick this on a target and go with an aimed shot, distracting shot (which causes large aggro), and auto shot and the tank has quite a bit of threat built up right away. No needing to wait for those sunders Honestly hunters should have gotten this a long time ago. We really should get this long before level 70, it secures our spot as pullers and just makes encounters go so much faster.

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I'm gonna critically kick you in the dick.
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Re:Favorite WoW Skill - 2007/07/31 08:40 Man I didn't know about Seed of Corruption's AoE effect. I'd seen it go off and not known what was going on. That's just sick awesome.

And yeah Dominion, I agree with you on many points there. I know hunters always want to pull in my groups but I often would rather they didn't since if the warrior gets first shot, s/he not only starts out with more aggro on the target, but also starting hate for any and all additionally pulled mobs. Misdirection would really give me the green-light a-oh-kay to pull with all the wonderful starting aggro it'd toss on the tank!!

For my next pic I choose:

Mortal Strike

A vicious strike that deals weapon damage plus 210 and wounds the target, reducing the effectiveness of any healing by 50% for 10 sec.

I know this isn't a big surprise but what can I say, its classic. I don't know how fury warriors pvp without this skill. I mean fully geared fury warriors I understand because they are doing damage too fast for you to heal through it, but the way a charge + hamstring + Mortal Strike, follow with pummel, execute just ruins shamans and some other healy-squishies is just so awesome. Certainly helps reduce the effectiveness of feral heals when they trap you in those darn roots. Plus the damage it causes is nice enough to hit everyone with, whether they have a heal button or not.
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Re:Favorite WoW Skill - 2007/08/06 08:41 New entry:

Cloak of Shadows

Instantly removes all existing harmful spell effects and increases your chance to resist all spells by 90% for 5 sec. Does not remove effects that prevent you from using Cloak of Shadows

Also known as "Cloak of Skill" due to the fact that it allows rogues to defeat casters without any skill (or so the community says), this skill is basically a giant get out of jail free card for Rogues... which they already had in the form of "Vanish" before. While Vanish allows them to escape combat, making them invisible again, and removing all movement impairing effects, it didn't remove other debuffs, specifically the magic ones. So if you have a ticking DoT on a rogue, it would be a few moments before the damage would tick and kick the rogue back out of stealth.

Not true with cloak of shadows. Any negative magic effect on the rogue will be dispelled, no matter if its nature be it a Immobilizing Frost Nova or just 6 different warlock DoTs.

Why am I picking this skill even though I don't have a rogue, certainly not a level 66 one? Simple: I've hated the way Death Coil works in WoW ever sine I learned what it was. Cloak of Shadows > Death Coil. Thank god SOMETHING can cancel it...

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Re:Favorite WoW Skill - 2007/08/28 14:33 I know it has been a while, but I've got another favorite now.


Slams the opponent, causing weapon damage plus X.What the description doesn't say is that using Slam costs 15 rage, has a 1.5 second cast time (can be reduced to 0.5 seconds with talents), resets the swing timer, and deals no bonus threat.

I love this ability for two reasons. First is that it has no cooldown, so unlike Mortal Strike, if I have the rage and a reason to do so, I can spam this ability over and over.

Second is that Slam is an unnormalized ability since it has a "casting" time (which doesn't receive pushback when you take damage, by the way). Many of you may not know what that means, so I'll explain. Instant physical attacks used their weapon speed in damage calculations prior to patch 1.8 (Ranged got the change in 1.10) with the following formula.
damage = base_weapon_damage + (weapon_speed * Attack Power / 14)This made slower weapons more favorable since they got a higher multiplier. Bliz decided they didn't like this since it often made a slower weapon of lower quality actually better than a faster, higher quality weapon that had higher white DPS. So what they did about this is changed the formula for instant attacks so that they used a standard multiplier instead of weapon speed. The formula now looks like this.
normalized_damage = base_weapon_damage + (X * Attack Power / 14)With X being:
  • 1.7 for daggers

  • 2.4 for other one-handed weapons

  • 3.3 for two-handed weapons

  • 2.8 for ranged weapons
  • What this ends up meaning for me is that my level 55 warrior using an Ice Barbed Spear is that Slam deals a grand total of 34 less damage than Mortal Strike would, on average, for half the rage cost. And to boot, the lower rage cost and no cooldown means I can use it directly following nearly every white attack as opposed to approximately every two white attacks with Mortal Strike.

    Now obviously Slam is not the ideal PvP ability. You have to stand still to use it, and it doesn't have that lovely healing debuff that Mortal Strike does. The Improved Slam talent in the Fury tree helps with this by reducing the cast time by a full second for two points, so getting it off in PvP is possible (slowed, immobilized, or stunned target), but more tricky. This is good in my book because it means you have reason to use your other abilities. By 70 I'll Mortal Strike for just that reason.
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