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To hell with Broadsides - 2007/02/03 13:38 Despite how much I love the ability Broadside suits provide me to put more railguns on the table, I believe I am going to refuse to buy or field them out of protest. The railguns are falling off the shoulders again and I have had enough. Until GW puts out a new Broadside model, I am not playing with them and I am not buying any more. This crap is trash and dumb: I should not have to pin model bits together in order for the model to be transportable.

Besides, any future purchases should be put towards units I don't own yet that the new codex provides, or units made viable by the new codex, like Kroot. I need me a big mob of Kroot just so I have something to tie up assault armies with. It'll be great. Beyond that I don't know yet but I think I need to play more games just so I can experiment with new units like Vespid and Sniper Teams and Piranhas. Or that third squad of fire warriors to make me viable at more than 1000 points.

Oh! Random Side note: Just because you can give a squad of fire warriors all pulse carbines doesn't mean it's a good idea. Have a good day!
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