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Paintin stuff - 2007/03/14 14:29 Well I still wanna build and paint stuff. I am finding that's a part of the hobby I miss and I think if I go to long without building/painting something, I lose motivation to play games.

So I'm toying around with a few different things. The Blood Angels still need another razorback and their normal terminators still need new bases (if not to be replaced with the newer, harder looking models). Unfortunately these investments tend to be expensive and I want to wait until my paychecks for the last two projects come in before I go into those.

I did pick up a squad of Sisters of Battle cause I thought it'd be fun to paint girls in power army for a change. So far it's been interesting. I continue to doubt my ability to paint solid white on pewter models and make it look good, but I have a neat metalic with gold details and blue robes with black boltguns scheme I'm working on. I need to decide if boltgun, mithril, or chainmail are better for the armor. I also picked them up because I got them for a deal.

I'm also thinking I might start collecting that "Falcon Grav Tank Gallery" I threatened I'd do at one point. I still think those things look gorgeous and it'll be different to challenge myself to really put "Showpiece" amount of time into painting a model. I might actually have to try things like washes or inks and what not.
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