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Rules - 2005/07/13 15:17 Okay, as this is a full out message board, I do need to set some ground rules. Most of you have known me or posted on a board I've managed before, so you can ignore most of these rules. Really, only rules 1 and 2 really strike me as things you should worry about as the rest are common sense.

However, I sleep better at night knowing I said something about issues that I worry somone might abuse. Even if you don't read the rest of the rules, know that I am holding you to them and "You didn't tell me to read them" isn't going to be an excuse when Kitty or I lay down the law. You might want to skim these just to make sure you don't do something that will irk us.

Anyway, the rules:

  1. To post, you must be registered. Its not that I want to make you all sign up for my site as much as it is an effort to control spammers. Signup is pretty painless and all you need to give me is an e-mail address. If you don't trust me with that then give me a dedicated-spammed account then, I don't care. I'm not going to use the e-mail for anything other than, you know, maybe e-mailing you once or twice.

  2. This is not "Favuworld." For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, you may go ahead. For those who do, just saying that should be enough to make my point.

  3. Currently I have provided file and image uploading! You can even upload your own avatar! I swear to God if you violate this in any way I will be very upset, and the first adult or illegal content I see uplaoded using this module will see it being shut down. I am very serious about this.

  4. For the love god do not use the board to do or promote anything illegal. If you get Kitty or myself in trouble for doing so, you will regret it. No joke.

  5. I am the only forum admin. That will not change. Kitty is currently our only moderator. If we decide we need help, we'll invite someone to be a moderator. Please do not create topics asking to be a moderator.

  6. Oh yeah, and while I don't want to say "no profanity," let's try and keep things as friendly as possible. No offensive sexual, racial, or ethnic slurs. End of story.

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Re:Rules - 2007/03/14 14:18 You my note, I've removed the profanity rule. We're all adults here, or at least, any of you who read this and bother to post are. Notice the rule still says no no to offensive racial or ethnic slurs and I AM keeping that one.

Enjoy your "fucks" and "shits". Posts that contain nothing but swear words will probably get deleted, unless of course they're quoting Samuel L Jackson.
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