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Wednesday, 31 August 2005
Or why its been weeks since anyone has seen me around

Well to answer your first question... I'm not dead. Well, not yet anyway. As some of you may or may not have noticed, I seemed to drop off the face of the page for a while. Allow me to be the first to reassure you, I am more or less fine. I haven’t been ill, and I haven’t been unconscious, just insanely busy. In addition to spending some time traveling (far from the reaches of the interweb), I also had to spend a week running around preparing and packing.

For those of you who haven't noticed due to my physical presence, I am now at Michigan State. I must say, it feels great. You see, it has been my dream to go to State ever since I could differentiate it from UofM... which was about 2nd or 3rd grade. The fact that I am finally a Spartan is kind of surreal. I had early move-in for my job training (which I will get into later) so I spent over a full week on campus before classes began. It would hit me at odd times, like going town the stairs to my bike or buying books "I'm actually here. I'm at MSU." and it would weird me out.

My first week was busy, interesting and busy. My first, non move-in day was a day of business. I went to the Undergraduate Division and they got me an override for the Traditional Asian history class I had wanted to take (but had been told during orientation that it had been filled) and also bought books. For someone as cheap and thrifty as I, it was a harrowing process. For 100 pages, tiny, used, paperback on Feudalism in Japan, half of which is a glossary of easy words... $23.00!!! I'm serious; I read books in first grade thicker than this! Add this to the fact I had to fend for myself for three days of meals before the cafes opened, and I was going into financial shock!
Training took place the next few days. It was very interesting to say the least. In security training we were briefed on the football game procedure. We were informed that at any given game day there would be approximately 10,000 drunks attempting to enter the stadium, and that we were the first line of defense against them. He learned how to search a person, and learned that there are a myriad of places in which a one can stash booze on their person. I am now also certified in CPR, drunken first aid, and Blood borne Pathogen control.w00! Unfortunately we also were informed we cannot carry, nor will be issued weapons, even of the self-defense nature, nor can we really get hands-on in dealing with perps. But nevertheless, it seems like its going to be a tiring, but interesting job.
After all of that nonsense I was looking forward to a relaxing end of the week, right? Wrong. Then I was informed that I had to go to "freshmen/first year seminars" I went one day. They were boring. I failed to go to the next day's. I did to go to the colloquium with my college, and the meeting for the Academic Scholars Program... the latter of which had cookies... really really good cookies. So I was down. In addition to random freshman stuff during the day C-chan and I hit all of the sponsored university shindigs for fun, games and free stuff, which included the Spartan Spirit Pep Rally, Meijer Midnight Madness, U-fest,  and Party at the Aud. All of which were fun (and tiring) and equaled bags of freebies. w00! They also equaled amusing stories that I shall discuss later if you are so inclined in knowing.

I also started classes this week. I might post something else about that, I might not. It really depends on you dear reader. Will you write with scisintilating inquiries as to those goings on or add amusing anecdotes to the forums? Well in this post the future is you... probably.

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