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Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Friday, 26 August 2005

The tour bus lets me off at Michigan State University for what will probably be the last time.

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It has finally happened.  After pouring four years of my work, dedication, and most certainly money, into an institution of higher education, I find myself in position to actually earn the goal point of all this damn school thing.  That piece of paper that we toil over for sixteen years of our life (or longer) to get is within my grasp.  I need only pay up for this year, nab about 24 more credits (of which really I only need like 15 to hit “graduate” status… the others are so I can finish required courses and still maintain full-time status), and I am golden.

And based off my reactions to being here, it comes not a moment too soon. For whatever the reason, the freshmen presence around my dormitory is higher than normal.  I will immediately concede: one of the reasons I like the dorm I live in is because it tends to not attract freshmen.  Normally, college n00bs get dumped by campus into one of two complexes, and mine is not one of them.  Those who aren’t get put in special program’s dorms.  Since my dorm isn’t really host to any special programs, the only people usally living here are the second year or older students who get sick of their freshmen dorms and move here. 

For some reason this has changed.  Already freshmen wonder the halls of my beloved dorm, exerting their freshmen-ness on us all. There’s already one in particular who should not make a regular practice of coming over here, attempting to impose his opinions on WoW and RTSes on me least I proceed to pummel him.

And this is indeed the confusing part: in previous years I could observe freshmen, being like I was when I was a freshman, and laugh.  Their inexperienced meanderings, displaying how they are not quite ready to handle their new-found independence, were once a point of nostalgic amusement for me. For some reason, it is no longer.   Instead I find it intolerable that I must be made to put up with them again.  As if someone said “by the way, as part of you finishing college, you must deal with excited, drunken, horny, immature n00bs and you can’t ignore them this time.”

Oh well.  Perhaps it’s just an initial reaction.  Perhaps it is just a shock after being on campus all summer when no one is here by comparison. In any event, I’m back, and the T3 Ethernet feels good.  I’m gonna let you all go now so I can splurge some more on my new found broadband that is more reliable than Comcast Digital Cable.  Later!

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