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Wednesday, 20 July 2005
So crazy... it just might work.
Okay, now I'm sure many of you have at least heard refernce to my first and last attempt at giving blood. For those of you who don't, it resulted in a trip the ER for fainting. After 3 hours the doctor there told me that he didn't know why I fainted, but sudgested I not give blood anymore.

This ruling has always bugged me, for one I want to help people and have no fear of needles. For another, the circumstances around the fainting seemed to be based not off of my physique, or not replenishing afterword (I hate 5 cookies, a box of juice and a water) but rather the nurses failure to let me eat beforehand. Well desipte my past history, I think its time to try again, but there is a good reason.

Right now according the the Southeastern Michigan Red Cross, there is a dangerous shortage of blood. Right now blood types O and B are at critical levels, there is less than a 1/2 day supply throughout the region. However, no matter what the type, they are in need. But there is also something else that makes the big poke seem less painful...

Free Event Tickets.

That's right, through the sponsership of channel 4 out of D-town, the Red Cross will give your choice of a free ticket to and event in the area to anyone who ethier gives blood, or attempts to give blood this summer.

You must be asking yourself  why I bring this up. You see one of the places/events you can get a ticket for is the Michigan Rennesiance Festival. Now I know quite a few of you enjoy such an event, and are usually up for a group trip. However I also know that those same people tend to be broke college students. ^_^ This could be a great opportunity to not only help others, but to get into the Festival for FREE, saving your $15 for something else. you can get tickets for, including Tiger's baseball and Dining

Not a fan of the RenFest? If you check out the webpage here you will find that there are many other neat local places and events you can get tickets for, including Tiger's baseball and Dining.

Soooo I am going to try to give blood and get a ticket to the Fest. I don't care if I end up in ER again, I want to go to the RenFest! ^_^ If anyone else would be interested in a trip there this year with me, why not get a free ticket and try to help someone out at the same time? There are currently blood drives all over the place, but in the near future in at least Port Huron you can give blood:

7/22/05 (Friday) 11am-5pm Birchwood Sports Dome, Keewadin Rd. Pt Huron

7/24/05(Sunday) 8:30am-2:30pm St. Mary's Catholic Church, Ballentine St. Pt. Huron

Or you can always go call up the local Red Cross and schedual an appointment. ^_^ I'm going to try after church on Sunday, I just thought I'd spread the word.

... if you don't hear back from me by the following Sunday, avenge dead...

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