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Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Monday, 27 June 2005
So I can put some points into the plumbing skill.

Reading the title of this post you might think I am about to talk to you about World of Warcraft or some D&D-like game.  Well, sorry folks this is no game; this is real life. 

It appears that I picked the right time to move into the house I am staying at this summer.  And by the right time, I mean as everything starts breaking, also known as, the wrong time.

First, about three weeks ago, my roommate, who lives down stairs in a room bigger than mine with his own bathroom, had his room flood.  In a panic (while I was asleep), he ran up stairs and saw the toilet was running, and thought that the reason for the flood was our toilet.  So he jammed it to get it to stop running and declared our toilet off limits.  He told our landlord, who lives about an hour and a half away, and the land lord promised to send a plumber and a cleaner.  The Cleaner showed up on the next business day and did an excellent job. The plumber never did.

So we’ve called the land lord since in an effort to get the plumber over here so my other upstairs roommate and myself can use the toilet again.  However, landlord has yet to return our calls to this day.  It’s been over 3 weeks since we’ve heard a peep out of him.

So finally I sat my downstairs roommate down and had a talk with him about the toilet.  You see, where we live in East Lansing is still being serviced by combined sewers.  For those of you who don’t know, a combined sewer is when you use the same master pipes for sewage and rainwater. You then install these little walls in the pipes so that you can still have air flow in the pipe (to help control water pressure), but the water won’t flow beyond that point.  Or so you think.

However, depending on the design of the pipe, if it rains hard enough, the pipe will over flow, causing rain water and sewage combined to run over these dams and go to places they shouldn’t, like lakes, rivers, streams, etc.   Another common problem is that during such a rainstorm, the system can overflow, causing water to flood into the lowest points of places of residence on the system.  We don’t have a basement, so my roommate’s shower, where he reported the flooding as coming from, would have been the lowest point in the house.  In addition, our house is sort of like a duplex, and our neighbors also had their first floor flooded, leading me to believe that all evidence points to a system backup rather than a faulty toilet.  Not that our toilet isn’t faulty, just not enough to cause the house to flood.

So finally last night I explained this to him and we ran a test.  Sure enough, when we make sure the toilet runs right, no flooding occurs downstairs. Since we don’t know when our landlord is going to get back with us, we figured this would work for the best, since I feel bad and weird going and using his bathroom either early in the morning or late at night (especially when he has family over to watch the Pistons play and he decides to lock the door to his room!)

So I wake up this morning and use my toilet for the first time in weeks.  I have never been so happy to use a toilet. As I was about to turn on the shower however, something snaps and the shower won’t turn on. 

If it’s not one thing it’s another.

So I used downstairs roommate’s shower this morning. He wasn’t awake before I had to go to work so I couldn’t explain things to him, though I left a note for my other upstairs roommate telling him the shower’s broke and I’m gonna fix it somehow.  So when I get back from work, I will call some people, get some tools, go to a hardware store, and try my hand at fixing the damn shower, because this is just ridiculous.   I shouldn’t have to do this since, I have a landlord who I am supposedly paying to do this sort of crap, but who knows when we’ll see him. Also, having to use the downstairs shower, while maybe less annoying than having to use his toilet all the damn time, is still not cool.

Ain’t apartment life grand?

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