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Written by Kitty   
Monday, 09 May 2005
Or "How I stopped swearing at the Commenter and just wrote a bloody ramble."
    I tried many a time to comment under my earlier post about the festivities of Free Comic Book Day 2005, but for some reason the commenter on that ramble wasn't having it. >< So here is the continuation of what I was saying...

    "Comic artists and publishers put out special books just for the occasion (so any hopes of getting full manga books are going to leave one rather disapointed in many locales). Tarus lifted it's "One comic per person" limit this year so I walked away with all sorts of cool stuff including: 3 comics, 2 special pieces put out by artists on the scene, an uber-1337 fairy print signed by the artist, a little plastic commemorative toy/figure thing, an applecation for their logo contest, and an oatmeal cookie. I got to talk to some of the cool ppl from the PoHo comic scene, including the guys from Midtown productions, and a Prof. at SC4 who is starting a comic studies class for the spring semester. I also have my name in a drawing for a gorgess replica lightsaber (one of the $150 ones) *_* All in all it was the best Free Comic Book Day yet!"

    I would like to go into a ramble about the first week of AP exams... but seeing as I am rather tired, and not in the best of health, I think I'll sleep instead. My last exams are on Wednesday and I will be spending the remainder of my time before-hand studying. Afterword though you can expect a full scantron to security-seal report of the wacky institution that has consumed both my soul, and freetime for nearly a month. Yay! Once that's over I can get back to fun stuff. Such as my thoughts on the Heroine Complex, complete with anecdotes!

    So until midweek, stay tuned for more "Giant Fighting Seizure Robots" after a word from our sponsors!

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