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Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Friday, 14 March 2008
Well starcraft2's offical site is taking it's sweet time with it, so I thought I'd make you aware of some of the material out there in case your cerebrate minds were curious as to what Blizz has in store for the swarm this time around.
  1. Firstly, The SC2 stie has opened it's Zerg Section.  There isn't much there presently, but you can read over some lore and two classic Zerg units, the Zergling and Hydralisk.
  2. There is an HD quality "reveal trailer" available on GameTrailers for your viewing pleasure.  I recommend it.  Still getting used to the Queen of Blade's new voice...
  3. GameTrailers also has more gameplay videos showing off the new units (with classic Starcraft music dubbed over it) available here and here.
  4. Gamespot has a short article on the new zerg gameplay, as well as intereviews with Game Designer Dustin Bowler, and artist Samwise.
I'm stoked at what I'm seeing.  Burrowing Ultralisks with AoE attacks?  Flying corruptor units that convert untis to your side instead when they're killed?  Infestor units that infest individual buildings?  Infested Terrans that use their guns?!  Rummored ability to infest Protoss?!  Yeah.  This is gonna be great.

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