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Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Thursday, 06 September 2007

So, anyone else having a strange week this week?

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It's Thursday and so far this week has been full of strange events ever since I got back from Port Huron for the weekend.

  1. It all started Tuesday, which was a Murphy's law day.  My internet went out at home all day and no amount of resetting the cable modem would get it back.
  2. Then I found out a bunch of food went bad when I was gone this weekend, including my bread, cereal, lunch meat, and bagles.  I was only gone two days...
  3. Then I got locked out of my apartment when I took out the trash.  This happened because only one side of the door locks, so when I left the apartment with the trash bag, and without my keys, I didn't think it was locked.  Thankfully I had a helpful neighbor contact the landlord and got a spare key, but not before I jumped into a mosquito and spider infested hole in front of one of my windows trying to break into my own place.
  4. I also did laundry on Tuesday which, upon completion, I realized I was missing two pairs of blue jeans.  These pants are still missing.
  5. Wednesday the internet was still out and I went to try and replace my cable modem with another one from comcast in an effort to repair my internet.  Got home, that still didn't work.  So I had to miss half a day of work today so the cable guy can look at my stuff.
  6. Cable guy shows up today.  Someone apparently walked up to my apartment complex cable box and disconnected my cable.  This box is locked so said person had to be with Comcast. The guy guessed it was an honest mistake, didn't charge me to fix it, and recommended I call Comcast to get a service refund.
  7. So now the cable sends to the modem, but the modem can't get permission from Comcast on my account. So I call Comcast again.  I explain to them my whole story including why I have a new modem.  I then asked why if I replaced one offical Comast modem with another offical modem, my account data wasn't updated automatically upon the trade.  The guy had no clue but once I gave him the MAC and S/N of the new modem I finally came back online.  He also said my refunded time would appear on my next bill.
  8. As if to add even more to the strangeness, I actually CG'ed a piece of art for an upcoming D&D game and added it to my gallery, which hasn't been updated in months I am sure.
  9. I also come to learn today that I've been invited into the Tabula Rasa beta.  I don't even remember when I signed up for it maybe... six months ago?  Longer?  Oh well I'll get back on that after I try it.
  10. Meanwhile the Universe At War: Earth Assault beta that I signed up for that was supposed to start on August 28th, I still haven't heard crap from about.
  11. And, Penny Arcade actually did another podcast this week, which is the first time in months for that too.
So now it's Thursday, and I can only wonder if the rest of my week will be full of such suprises, both good and bad, or if I've finally hit the limit and things are going to get normal?  Only time will tell!

Discuss this article on the forums. (0 posts)

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