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Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Thursday, 12 July 2007
Two rambles in one!
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So in my efforts to delay the on coming reformating of my computer, I finally tried killing my internet connection after svchost.exe skyrockets to 100% CPU use.  Sure enough, doing that kills the process gap and it doesn't come back while the internet is off.  Perfect.  So that settles that on top of making me unable to play Guild Wars (A shame because I am getting closer and closer to genuinely enjoying and wanting to play lots of that game), the internet here also occsionally drives my services through the roof. 

I consider that to be mildly concerning as it might be a sign that someone on the network is using computers connected to it's processors to aid in some hacking effort which drags my IPs into the mix.  That, or I myself am being hacked but only through the local apartment net.  Or just that the apartment net is in fact that unstable that it should cause that to happen.

This was going to be an "Oh well, problem's over in a month" situation - then I found out the apartment I wanted to move into is full.  To boot, I couldn't actually begin my search until this month since I didn't know for sure I would have a job until well - this month (technically I still don't have offical word, but they haven't told me I'm fired so I must be in good shape). So now I get to do apartment hunting with less than a month before the current place throws me out - and I'd really dig a one-bed room if I can find one.

So, if you've heard of any good one bedroom apartment complexes in the EL or Lansing Area that you don't think would be open, and maybe even allow for 6month instead of 12 month leases, I'd love to hear about it!! ^_^

Discuss this article on the forums. (2 posts)

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