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Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Wednesday, 23 May 2007
So I need to speak to some more mainstream music fans and find out what the protocol is for when a band you really really really like releases an album of good music, and yet you still feel jipped after listening to it.

Minutes to Midnight, Linkin' Park's newest album is their first disk since the 2003 Meteora.  Since then we've gotten a few side materials (mostly rap) in the form of Fort Minor and that Jay-Z team up disk, both of which I really like.  However, after 4 years I was hoping for some driving guitar riffs and combat-ready rage music that I know and love Linkin' Park for.  Minutes to Midnight fails completely to deliver that.

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I don't want to say I dislike the album though.  The lyrics are just as good as any older disk, and the music is definately more varied and mature than previous disks. As a technical achievement, I cannot flaw the disk.  It just wasn't want I wanted out of a third Linkin' Park album.  I just wanted Hybrid Theory version 3.

I will say this - listening to those songs that are close to their older stuff, like "In Pieces" does make me have a strange desire to write about Vergil again. The music is just Linkin' Park enough to stimulate a want to return to that character.
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