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Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Tuesday, 22 May 2007
Brock Sampson took away the win in our last poll.  Given the arguments discussed in the polls this isn't too suprising.  The final count was Brock 4, Bride 2, others 0.

The next poll is in response to the newly announced Starcraft II.  It's no secret that key people from Blizzard North, development and other parts of the company jumped ship either before or during World of Warcraft.  With so much staff missing, and with Blizzard seeminly struggling with WoW, it seems doubious that they could complete such an ambitious project as a sequel to (argueably) the best RTS either.

At the same time though, it has been revealed that Blizzard more or less has had a secret team "locked up in a bunker" since 2003 (after Frozen Throne shipped) working on Starcraft II.  Perhaps they have been unaffected by the WoW-diseased Blizzard and can still develop solid project.  The gameplay trailer they relesaed definately points to this indication, the sort of unit-counter balance Starcraft is used evident.

Of course, some people think Blizzard is doing fine - WoW is outstanding and Burning Crusade is a near flawless add on. There are also people who think WarIII was a great game and if WarIII people are building Starcraft2, it'll do great.

Other evidence too, in the case of the EALA team that built C&C3 show us that even if the original RTS team has lost some people, they can still build a solid sequel that is completely faithful to the original IP.

So what's your thoughts?  Can Blizzard do Starcraft II?  Or is the sequel doomed to fail in the shadow of it's nearly 10-year-old predecessor?

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