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Sunday, 25 February 2007
I need to remember that I called this content area ramble box for a reason.  I need to ramble more about whatever when I have the urge.  I guess what has really slowed me down is the sense that I have to watch what I write because I don't know who could be reading this.   While this isn't my professional site anymore, I still don't want to accidently say something here that an employeer could easily find through use of google.

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Collecting my thoughts in a post like this was fun back when I used to do it more often though.  So I suppose I will do so now.  Hmm... what to ramble about...

Well, I don't want to ramble about WoW, that'll make some of you stop reading the post right away.  So I suppose I'll ramble about something we can call agree on: The Wii.

I have to say after owning one for almost two months, I am definately not upset with my decision to get one over an Xbox 360.  I mean yeah, the 360 still has more games out right now that I want to play than the Wii, but I don't really have the money to be buying those games anyway.  Besides, thanks to Burning Crusade I still haven't finished Zelda (Though I think I'm getting close), so it isn't even really time to spend more money on new Wii games just yet.

Overall the system has been nothing but a plesant suprise.   Wii sports is still a lot of fun, though I can only take it in small doses these days.   I do kinda feel like Raving Rabbits was a wasted purchase.  Not because it's a bad game, but because Wario Ware is a better party game by leaps and bounds in the end.  Wario Ware is more accessable to the Wii new-commer, and requires less hardware to run.  Still, there have been some fun times had with Raving Rabbids, so I won't complain too much.

The ongoing work Nintendo is putting in to the channels and WiiConnect24 excites me as well.  This new "Everyone Votes" Channel is suprisingly fun, and since it really only takes about 5 minutes of your attention a day, it's fun to do real quick before you engage in your other daily Wii activities.

The Virtual Console so far is great too.  The quality of emulation is just stupendeous, and playing NES games with the Wii-mote is fun.  N64 games handle suprisingly well on the NGC controller as well.  My only complaint so far is that playing SNES games w/o the Classic Controller add-on is just out of the question, and really, the ability to re-map buttons to the NGC controller for SNES games would have been a very welcome addition.  I haven't bought any Virtual console games for my own Wii yet, but rest assured once I beat Zelda and get a Classic controller or two, I will.

I do want Nintendo to take seriously the ides of supporting online gaming on the Wii however.  Yes, I understand that is philisophically aganst much of what the Wii stands for, which is playing with your friends around the same TV.  All the same, there is still a certain level of fun and community that is involved with Online gaming that I feel Nintendo should try to capitalize on as well, especially since Nintendo fans tend to be such a tight-knit and friendly group.  If Nintendo could get a company to make a killer online app here or there, like a Advance Wars Online or some sort of RPG, even if it's not MMO, then I think I would find myself spending a bit more time on the Wii and less time on the WoW.

There, I've rambled.  That feels a bit better.   I plan to have your next FGC on schedule tomorrow so as to keep up that end of the new years resolution.  Stay tuned for a further post regarding why R&R's apperance has been delayed.
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