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Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Thursday, 02 August 2007
One of the great things about doing the FGC is it gives me an excuse to try all kinds of good flash games.  These days its real facinating because flash games and other free games run the gambit from real simple arcade type stuff to real complicated 90's-era console quality storylines and production values.  Its amazing to me how complex some of these free game's physics systems are.

Despite that, there are many great flash games that will never be challenges.  Some games just are not fit to be competitions based off how our system works.  Still, being that they are solid games I'd still like to share them with you so I will be starting a forum topic (in response to this post) that lists off all the cool in-eligable flash games out there so you can try them out sometime when you're waiting for me to launch another challenge or something.

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Challenge 30: Bass Invaders PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Monday, 23 July 2007
Okay so, I know I usually don't go to the same site two challenges in a row, but I really wanted to use this one for our final challenge of "This Season."  Bass Invaders @ Max Games is a remake on Space Invaders where you must defend against aliens attacking you from all sides.  The big twist however is that the aliens move to the beat of the back ground music.  I think it's a pretty neat take on a classic concept and should be a welcome dose of simplicity after Xeno Tactic and Rogue.

This Challenge Ends Friday August 3rd at Midnight EST.

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PS: If you are just as annoyed with MaxGames tendancy to make pop-ups (or cause the Firefox pop-up blocked bar to appear) you can download the game to your hard drive and play it that way.  Just right-click on that link and say "Save As". I find it runs smoothest this way.
Xeno Tactic Guide PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Friday, 13 July 2007
A short guide to playing Challenge 29: Xeno Tactic
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FGC Seasons? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Monday, 09 July 2007
One thing I've noticed as the FGC gets older is that many other competative brackets, from professional sports to gaming ladders, reset the score from time to time to give a new team a chance to shine, often calling these sessions of competition "seasons."  I am going to propose something like that now for the FGC.

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Challenge 29: Xeno Tactic! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Monday, 09 July 2007
I am excited about our next challenge, though I also understand I'm taking a pair of risks with it.  So this may go over poorly and as a result I won't make you guys play it for more than the two weeks.

This time around we'll be playing Xeno Tactic @ Max Games.  I think most of you have played some form of "Tower Defense" or another for Warcraft III?  Well this game is TowerD in flash format. Build towers, protect your exit, you have 20 hp.  Now, since the guy who programed it doesn't display your final score when you beat a level, we need to play for progression instead of points.  Details in the first score reply.

This challenge lasts until July 21st Midnight EST.

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Update: If the ads @ Max Games are bugging  you, try Xeno Tactic @ Xgen Studios. Do note you'll not be able to use the Max games saved data @ another site. Also let me know if you guys would like a short write up on how to play "Tower D" or just Xeno Tactic specifically.
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