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Old Kitty Art
This is artwork that appeared in previous versions of
Doodles and Sketch Work
Stuff doodled in margins or on anything from anywhere. Some of these arn't bad, so I'm sharing them. ^^
Signatures and Avatars
Sometimes I want to sign with style. To serve this, herein lies a small smattering of my custom-made siggys and such.
Secret Gallery ^_^
Items that are yet to be realeased in the galleries

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Kitty Art

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Esther Evochi
= 19, 730x hits
= 4, 620x hits
Gloria Cascia
= 2, 628x hits



Temporary name, please change.
= 1, 613x hits
Into the Heart of Darkness
= 1487, 8772x hits
Tengu (Ten-ten)
= 855, 935x hits



Lakota Fala
= 1, 680x hits
Hatsue Imada
= 1, 580x hits
Furious Charge
= 1, 560x hits

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