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Aion Open Beta now actualy an Open Beta

So I’ve been playing in the Aion open  beta since Sunday, and while I was gonna wait to say anything about it until I had made some videos to go with, the one issue with the “open beta” is that it hasn’t really been open.  Rather, you had to either have already pre-ordered the game, or be a paying FilePlanet subscriber.

Now some of us were already planning on buying the game on day1, so we went ahead and pre-ordered to get in, but having such requirements is still poppycock for an “open beta” – which is why I’m happy to report they lifted them.  Open Beta is now open to the North American public, going on until this coming Sunday.

You can go here to sign up, here to get the client, here to learn more about the game’s basics and lore, and here’s a good thottbot/WoWHead style service to plug into.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

PS: For those of you wondering, it’s apparently pronounced “Ion,” like “Ion cannon.”  The A is silent I guess.  Signs of a foreign game clearly.

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