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Machvergil 5.0 test – Welcome to WordPress

Alright everyone, as I write this it is 18 minutes past when I wanted to go to bed, but I have wordpress installed so I can start evaluating it. As you can see I’ve translated the “Pardon our Dust” posts to this site so you can still read them. If you do want to access the old “Pardon our Dust” site, just hit up

There’s still a lot to do around here. Obviously I’ve done nothing visual to the site yet, and I still have plug-ins to add. I’ll keep you posted! Feel free to login and try to comment too if you can.

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  1. avatar steinst2 Says:

    I like it! Also… FIRST COMMENT EVAR! It’s got a nice feel to it so far, I’ll be curious to see how you skin it…alive… and make it feel more like home. The speed feels much better as it felt like sloughing through on 4.0, as I know you and i’ve discussed. Anyway So far so good! Keep it up!

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