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Starcraft 2 games – to clear up

UPDATE: Okay I may be a little to harsh on the media outlets for this.  Gametrailers posted video feeds from the Starcraft II Trilogy announcement presentation, and yeah, the presenter fails to use the word “expansion” either, which kinda leaves you up in the air guessing what’s going on.  So, sorry Kotaku for poking at you specifically, you’re not the only ones who made this error, and really, it’s not your fault.

Here are some links to watch the Blizzcon feed (and I recommend you do watch them):

  • BlizzCon 08: Starcraft II Trilogy Announcement Part I & Part II


There’s a lot of crap going around the internet now about Blizzard’s profieteering at the announcement that there will be three Starcraft 2 titles, one for each race’s campaign.  A lot (and I mean a lot) of news venues have made it sound like this means 3 $50 starcraft games are coming out and you need to spend $150 to get the whole experence.

Blizzard’s own Blizzcon site refutes this with:

The epic story of StarCraft II will span a trilogy of games, with each game’s single-player campaign focusing on a different race. The first game will go into great depth telling the tale of Jim Raynor and the terrans. Two expansion packs will continue the story, delving separately into the saga of Kerrigan and the zerg, and that of the mystic protoss.

All they are promising is basically 3 broodwars, each 30 missions long, each focused on a race.  This is not different than when Dawn of War only launched with a Space Marine single player campaign, except it’ll be a better campaign because DoW’s original campaign was good but painfully short.

Which brings up the idoiocy that is Dawn of War II but I won’t go there right now…
Just wanted to set the record straight about that to anyone who might still read this site.

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  1. avatar steinst2 Says:

    Hath we been neglected? Also looking back at DoW2, it’s got potential, but it’s still kind of cruddy. Especially having been in the beta. It’s so not a DoW game, but rather conglomerates saying, Ohh ooh lets make it crappy, REALLY CRAPPY! Anyways just my two cents.

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