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Machvergil 4.0 is sick. It’s Mach’s fault I swear…

Shriarra\'s Hiding armor concept

So those of you who have been around lately know that the site hasn’t been working as good as it used to. Half the time she wouldn’t load, and I was having problems with it spitting out duplicate blog entries. At first I just thought she was getting old and a simple update of her software would fix ‘er. Alas I attempted that tonight (April 3) and it had no effect – the Joomla 1.0.x build of Machvergil 4.0 was just as prone to loading failure, and it turns out the old simpleboard is just right out not compatible with Joomla. Since the Simpleboard/Joomlaboard guys are no longer in the biz, I can’t get support for it either.

After all my tests I can say with certainty the database Machvergil 4.0 uses is shot – or at least it has been shot and is now bleeding a slow slow slow death. So my plan is this: I am going to back up Machvergil 4.0 and put it in a new directory so we can continue to reference it if needed. In the mean time I am going to be looking up alternatives to Mambo/Joomla for a brand new Machvergil 5.0 that I’ll develop sometime in the near future.

Some fun facts about Machvergil 4.0:

  • It was the first time I implemented a CMS. N00b mistakes might have helped with its demise.
  • The site has been up since 2005. That’s the longest standing build-mode of any Machvergil site to date at just over 3 years.
  • Machvergil 4.0 uses it’s own database, meaning the rest of my Mambo/Joomla sites (, and Kitty’s ) are still fully functional and good to go.
  • Machvergil 4.0 never got updated to Joomla from Mambo. It was running an out of date CMS with out of date modules and components. Further more, some of those modules and components straight up cease to exist now because their developers are no doing their thing (see the Simpleboard/Joomla board people).
  • I think now the user counter was broken, or at least has been for a bit. So maybe all those times I saw 60+ users online it was lying to me.

So, stay tuned for more news on how things are going. I’ll probably update this space from time to time with more info. Until then, peace!

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