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Machvergil Returns #3 (MV #38)

New comic! Some of you may recall Mach’s Turkey Dancing stunt, but just in case you don’t I can jolt your memory for you.

I haven’t decided yet if I want to consider this a new comic or a continuation of the original. Right now things are set up as if we keep using the original (as you can see when you visit the More Comics link as it takes you to an archive that includes the original 35 comics… except for 21 which is still broken… will get on that), even though in my mind this is a significant enough jump in time to be as if it’s a new “season” of the machvergil story, if not a whole new story completely.

Still have the comments and the forum up in case you want to share your thoughts. Remember your old 4.0 (mambo site) log in doesn’t work here so you will have to re-register.

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  1. avatar Kitty Says:

    Ahhh… the return of the comics makes me happy. And the return of old jokes (such as this one) makes me laugh… maybe not out loud, but it did result in an amused smile and chuckle. I am really enjoying the facial expressions in this batch of comics so far. I’d have to say that in the past… many… years since the old comics, your artistic skill has certainly grown!

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