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Like the phoenix

So you may have noticed a few things are different around here. The first is that things look different. You’re quite observant. What was up before was the default WordPress template. While it did it’s job, my pride doesn’t let me use use CMS default templates for too long. What you see before you is a simple theme based off the “Pardon Our Dust” site. This was done mostly so I could make a low-tech, light template to test the more important new feature.

You may have noticed I have used a comic as the “banner” for the page. You may have also noticed this comic appears to be a Machvergil comic. You may have also noticed, it’s a new one. Again, you are quite observant.

As promised way back at the beginning of the year, it was my hope to do something creative again regularly on the site. I’ve spent pretty much five months debating it and I decided “You know, people seemed to really liked two things I’ve ever done: Rhapsody & Requiem, or the machvergil comics.” So I decided I’d go ahead and give the Machvergil Comics another go.

Now if there is one thing that I’ve come to grow annoyed with over the years since the last Machvergil comic it’s emo web-comic artists who let their emotions stop them from getting stuff done. So rather than get all into making promises I know I won’t keep I’ll say this: I will make a comic, hopefully every week, hopefully around Monday or Tuesday. Keep in mind, this is a hobby for me, not my job, so if I miss a comic, oh well. Rather than bore you with excuses, if you don’t see a comic on Monday, check back later. I’ll be sure to make short posts when a new comic comes up so if you want to subscribe to the RSS feed, that might help you keep up to date on what is going on comic wise.

Now for the part where I brag a bit. You see that comic thing on the top, with the navigation? That’s a php comic navigation system coded by yours truly from scratch. Awww yeah. Okay so here’s the deal; it worked on my test page when I built it, but WordPress is blocking the passing of the comic variable. I need to figure out why. Until then enjoy the new comic! ^^;

Anyway, leave your thoughts. Feel free to share with me why you think I should or shouldn’t bother setting up a machvergil forum again. Tomorrow I wrestle with why this updated wordpress gives me problems posting to the blog

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