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Picking up StarCraft II

I had wanted to write this last night while the experience was fresh, but I ended up deciding to sleep instead since my efforts to take the 27th off work failed.

As the day before launch approached I fell into a bit of a panic.  My Pre-Order from Newegg was still in “On-Hold” status and Newegg was giving me no idea of when it would ship (one rep made it sound like if it would ship), and wouldn’t let me expedite the shipping until it’d moved into the “processing” phase.  Growing worried I might not see the Collector’s Edition of the game after all, I went into a panic to try and think of a way of how to get my hands on the Collector’s Edition of the game the day it came out without a pre-order.

Some calling around after work revealed that Best Buy at Meridian Mall was going to do a midnight release, opening the doors at 11:30.  I gave them a call and they confirmed they’d be selling both the normal and collector’s edition.  Figuring there’d be a line like there was for WoW expansions, I though I’d leave my apartment around 10:30 and get there about 30 minutes early.  I grossly over-estimated how long it’d take to get there and was there a whole 45 minutes early.  I was the only one there.

At first I felt a little bit like an idiot.  There I was, leaning against a post playing my DS in my Terran Marine shirt as Best Buy employees who were going to sell the game were still showing up.  Eventually a line of about 4 customers showed up, forming up behind me. While it still felt good to be first, I still felt silly, and a little disappointed StarCraft II wasn’t going to get the kind of showing a WoW expac got.

As 11:30 approached the line reached about 12 people. Meridian Township police drove by to find out what was going on.  We explained it was the midnight release of a video game, and the police man wished us a good night and moved on.  We were a little surprised no one informed the police, but even if they hadn’t, what was a bunch of mostly quiet adults going to do?  About ten minutes later another Meridian police car passed by and said into the loudspeaker “Attention, for your safety, please do not Zerg Rush the store.”  Those of us who got the joke laughed our asses off.

You could tell the poor folks at Best Buy didn’t want to be here.  At 11:30, the manager let in the pre-orders, which totalled in like 10 people out of the over 40 people in line at this point.  The line was long enough that I couldn’t see the end from the front of it anymore, but at the front of it I was. We waited another 30 minutes or so before the manager finally let the rest of in, handing those who wanted it free energy drinks from a fridge they rolled out.  With a smile I sauntered up, asked for a collector’s edition, bought it, and got my free poster.

As I went to leave, a Meridian Township policeman at the door asked me “what’s in the big box?” After I explained to him I asked if he was the guy who told us not to Zerg rush the store.  He responded “Oh good, someone did hear that!” and I gave him a high five.  In high spirits, feeling victorious, and with all the giddy glee of a little boy on Christmas Day, I got in my car and drove home.

Twelve years ago I bought StarCraft I from this very Best Buy as a 15 year old. Nine years ago I beat Starcraft: Broodwar.  Finally, after years of waiting, Blizzard has given me StarCraft II.

Hell, it’s about time is right!

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  1. avatar Erik Li Says:

    lol!! that police is awesome! 😀 Hope you enjoy your game, i’m not getting mine until after 10am pacific time

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