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Patience Wearing Thin…

Crystal Graves from R&R

So today I installed bbPress which is the free forum software made by the makers of WordPress. I installed it because it advertised integration with WordPress. Sure enough, it does use the wordpress user database just fine and also is just as fast loading, light weight, and accessible as the wordpress site itself is.

However, the problem remains: much like WordPress it does very little of what I want it to do out of the box. The only avatars is supports are those stupid Gravatars, and it offers no support for signatures. It also doesn’t provide an easy way to just drop it into my WordPress site without using the illusion of them both using the same theme.

You can pop over to here to see what has come off my efforts thus far and weigh in on bbPress, but I feel like this is starting to turn WordPress into a deal breaker, which is a shame because I do love it’s superior post writing features and accessibility over Joomla by a bunch. Ohhh welll….

Oh! The attached image today is of Crystal Graves from Rhapsody and Requiem. I was poking around the R&R site for design ideas and was feeling a little nostalgic. Yeah I know it’s not new but it’s what I had time for.

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