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Quantum Theory: Gears of War rip off for the good or bad? You decide!

So, this is a developer walk through of the upcoming 360/PS3 game “Quantum Theory,” which seems to have nothing to do with quantum mechanics and everything to do with ripping off Gears of War.   That being said, the chick he’s throwing at his enemies is pretty cool, though it’d be a lot cooler if she’s playable.

I dunno on this one.  I think it looks like it could be fun because I think Gears of War style games look fun pretty much all the time, but it also looks like it could be half baked in the end, especially if this AI controlled girl comes at the expense of Co-Op.

Anyway here’s the walk-through. You can find a bunch more TGS Quantum Theory stuff on Game Trailers if you’re curious.

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